The motion control platform designed for professionals in mind. New and upgraded, Trexo Mococar V2 is here to serve your needs with its highly configurable build and intuitive operation like never before.

Bring The Motion Wherever You Go

With Programmable Controller control every aspect of the car can be controlled. You can switch between the different speed and control setups such as Full Power Mode for high speed movements, Cinematic Mode for slower shots, Precision Mode for the slowest control. Each mode is designed for different use purposes.

On Full Power Mode MoCo Car can speed up to 40 Km/h. On Cinematic Mode more control can be achieved at slower speeds. On Precision Mode, MoCo Car can be driven very slowly for extreme precise movement.

It is also possible to disable the steering control on the Track Mode. So users can be able to focus on the perfect control on tracks.


Record & Go

Unique Motion Control feature lets users, record and plays up to 4 minutes of throttle, steering, and height data with a tap of a single button.


Elevate Your Creativity With Elevation Module

Elevation Module helps MoCo Car to operate between 130cm to 180cm for different angles with a smooth transition.


Adidas Advertising Behind the Scenes

Trexo MoCo Car, Trexo Maxima Gimbal and MRMC Bolt are used as Motion Control Rigs. Trexo MoCo Car and Trexo Maxima Gimbal are used with the ARRI Alexa Mini with Prime Lenses. With the help of the Motion Control Feature of the Trexo MoCo Car, shots had taken on the rails for frame perfect results. Every single shot had been taken with plate versions, and 3D materials are added in the post-production afterwards for mind-blowing results.


Key Features

  • Max Speed: 30km/h
  • Lens Height: 1.8m (With Elevation Module)
  • Payload: 15kg (With Shock Absorber)
  • Payload: 20kg (With Elevation Module)

Starting from $15,595.00

Compatible Accessories

Shock Absorber

Elevation Module

Vibration Isolator

Studio Wheels

Track Wheels